In 2000 Patrick Gutknecht opened his gallery specializing in 20th-century decorative arts, photography and antique canes in the heart of Geneva’s old town.

He expresses his passion in a space of over two hundred square meters that contains furniture, lamps, art objects from the 1920s and 1930s, works from the 1940s with a neoclassical esthetic, pieces dating from the post-war period and from the 1960s as well as selected contemporary creations and photographs in limited edition. Enthusiasts and collectors visiting the gallery will also find a large selection of decorative and system canes dating from the 16th century to the 1930s. It was the canes that started it all, when Patrick discovered this complex and fascinating world back in 1982. He very quickly became an avid collector and began a friendship with Catherine Dike, the famous collector and expert, whose knowledge of the subject and reference works are still authoritative internationally.

Over the years, she handed all her knowledge down to this fervent young man, so when she passed away in 1997, it was natural for him to inherit the archives she had built up over forty years and take up the torch. In 1998, Patrick was appointed the scientific curator for an exhibit on “The Cane and its Mysteries” at the Carouge Museum in Geneva. He is also the agent for Odegard rugs and Willy Rizzo creations for Switzerland. He is a member of the Swiss Association of Dealers in Antiques & Art (SADAA), the World Association of Art & Antique Dealer Associations (CINOA), and the Association Art en Vielle-Ville.


Some exhibitions organized by the gallery since 2000

Lotus Photo Huynh
Emmanuelle Michaux  /
chez Galerie Patrick Gutknecht//
28, rue de Saint-Léger//CH-1204 Genève//pg@gutknecht-gallery.com//////www.gutknecht-gallery.comT. +41 22 312 32 14///©2015 nicolas lieber/

/Photo: nicolas lieber/ nicolas.lieber@nicolaslieber.ch/
Faucon la comete photo
Virna Lisi photo Rizzo
Resin coffee tables
Françoise Adnet

















  • 2019 : « Jean-Baptiste Huynh » - photographies
  • 2018 : « Welcome to the Dark Corporation » photographies de Cédric Delsaux
  • 2017 : « Jean-Baptiste Huynh » - photographies
  • 2016 : « Sculpting in time » photographies d’Emmanuelle Michaux
  • 2015 : « Photographies de Cédric Delsaux
  • 2014 : « Fictions vraies de Bernard Faucon »
  • 2013 : « Les plus belles femmes du monde » photographies de Willy Rizzo
  • 2012 : « Modernité et tradition » dans les arts décoratifs de 1920 à 1960
  • 2011 : « Le sens du détail » dans les arts décoratifs du XXe siècle
  • 2010 : « Jacques Adnet - décorateur ensemblier »
  • 2009 : « Matières » - arts décoratifs du XXe siècle et matériaux insolites
  • 2008 : « Etat de sièges » - sélection de sièges de 1920 à 1975
  • 2007 : « Lumières sur le XXe siècle » - luminaires et objets lumineux de 1925 à 1970
  • 2006 : « La belle et la bête » - arts décoratifs de 1920 à 1970
  • 2005 : « Victoire Cathalan - peinture » et arts décoratifs des années 1920 à 1970
  • 2001 : « Françoise Adnet - 50 ans de peinture » en dialogue avec les arts décoratifs de 1920 à 1970


Catalog of the exhibition entitled “ La canne et ses mystères ”. [The Cane and Its Mysteries] published on the occasion of the exhibition at the Musée de Carouge, Geneva, March 18th to May 31st 1998. Introduction by Jean M. Marquis, texts by Patrick Gutknecht, with the collaboration of J.-M. Moret (Le bâton d’Oedipe), A. Montandon (Les cannes du Dandy), P. Rudaz (for “Travail du bois”),
 F. Cottier-Angeli (Cannes précolombiennes du Pérou) et 
C. Savary (Cannes africaines).

135 pages with color and black and white illustrations and black and white archive documents. (available on request at the gallery)

Catalog of the “ Jacques Adnet, interior designer and furniture designer ” exhibition. Published on the occasion of the exhibition organized by the Patrick Gutknecht gallery in Geneva in April 2010. Foreword by Françoise Adnet, text by Patrick Gutknecht.

88 pages with full colour illustrations and black and white archive documents. (available on request at the gallery)

Catalog of the exhibition Emmanuelle Michaux “Sculpting in Time”. Published on the occasion of the exhibition organized by the Patrick Gutknecht gallery in Geneva in February 2016. Texts by Hervé Le Goff and Arthur Dreyfus.

80 pages with full color illustrations. (available on request at the gallery).

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