Kiko Lopez was born in Puerto Rico in 1962. He grew up in the United States and studied architecture and industrial design at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, where he created his first blown glass pieces. In 1990, after earning his degrees in architecture and industrial design, he settled in Bonnieux in Provence with his wife and established his own workshop, where he dedicated himself to creating glass, crystal and glass paste creations. At that time, he worked for the Saint-Louis Crystal Factory

He perpetuates ancient knowledge passed down by master craftsmen from around the world. Infused with a passion for ancient mirror techniques, he draws inspiration from his roots to create pieces with striking contrasts, playing with the effects of shadow and light, opacity and translucence. Stylized lines and forms are always present in his works. Kiko Lopez’s work expresses harmony between rough materials like steel or iron and glass, gold or silver leaf, all meticulously produced.

His creations are marked by great sophistication and technical expertise that characterize his style. Indeed, the processes used by the artist involve a certain complexity, including glass firing, modeling and crackling, among others. This makes the glass or crystal pieces produced require special attention throughout their creation, sometimes taking several weeks or even months, making each of his works unique and imbued with strong individuality.

His strong preference for asymmetry is manifested in a variety of shapes, plays of light, and brilliance of reflections, as seen in his mirror-paintings or “shadow-drawings”, his “Monolith” series in glass and silver mercury, or his delicate “Pebbles” in Bohemian crystal.

For over twenty years he has been creating mirrors, furniture, lighting, objects and monumental installations for private clients and businesses, combining crystal, glass and light.