MICHAUX Emmanuelle

Emmanuelle Michaux is a French-Swiss artist, born in 1970, who lives and works between Geneva and Paris. Screenwriter, filmmaker and plastic artist, the common thread underpinning her works is rooted in a story that is as intimate as it is universal. For a number of years, she has been drawing her initial material either from personal memory or from the memories of unnamed others, through old amateur films collected by her father, photographs found at second-hand shops, or from ordinary writings, so as to give a renewed status to unknown faces and everyday situations. The result is a body of installations, videos, and material and textual objects, from which emanates a poetic questioning of the boundaries between existence and disappearance. The ever-present themes of her works are those of emotional memory, childhood, and time. Her works have been displayed at various venues and festivals, at the 5th and 6th International Biennials of Art Films at the Georges Pompidou Centre, at Le Fresnoy National Studio for Contemporary Arts, at artgenève, and at galleries in Geneva and Paris. Her theoretical work has been published by L’Harmattan and by Action Artistique de la Ville de Paris. She has also given masterclasses and conferences at the Sorbonne, and at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD). She is a graduate of Le Fresnoy National Studio for Contemporary Arts.


Altar 2
("Eyes Closed" series)
Collage Madame Bovary
(series "Les yeux fermés")
Collage The Dream of Augustus
(series "Eyes closed")