Cédric Delsaux was born in 1974, he resides and works in Paris. Initially he started as an advertising photographer but now he is acclaimed for his ongoing series, each creating unique arrangements.

Inspired by literature and cinema, his works equally summon the extraordinary and the ordinary, the fantastical and the mundane, in order to infuse fictional power into images, endowing them with a phantasmagorial potential of reality.

Far from comforting images and their illusory consolations, Cédric Delsaux endeavors series after series, to illuminate the venomous beauty of darkness, lurking in the heart of both our imagination and everyday life.

His photographic series “Dark Lens”, portraying “non-places” inhabited by characters from the Star Wars saga, has achieved worldwide success since 2004. Whether depicting industrial excesses grandiose delusions, or uncertain dreams, Cédric Delsaux constructs a reasoned catalog of our irrationality, employing unique devices that blend false reality with genuine fiction.

The series “Welcome to the Dark Corporation” from 2017 envisions our Earth entirely populated and dominated by droids, where humanity seems to have lost all presence. Indeed, the artist seeks to provoke introspection through his works, questioning the technologies present and future that we ourselves create, and their implications on our ways of life and thought: “What if our world were governed solely by a single entity?”; “What would we do if such an organism possessed everything: all powers, territories, technologies, resources, and patiently configured to its measure?”.

Having exhibited in numerous galleries, fairs and institutions such as Paris-Photo, Art-Paris or Artgenève, the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (European House of Photography) or the BNF in Paris, the National Photography Center of Greece and Slovakia, and the Museum of d’Ailleurs in Yverdon, Switzerland, he gradually expands into other disciplines by incorporating text into his photographs and bronze sculptures.

Interview Cédric Delsaux - Star Wars Universe