Jean Pascaud was born in Rouen in 1903. After finishing at the Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures in 1927, he made his first furniture and participated in the Salon des Tuileries. His creations have very clean lines. His favorite species to work with were Macassar ebony, darkened sycamore or pear wood, sometimes decorated with parchment or marquetry with hollow “barleycorn” lozenges or raised “diamond point” lozenges on which Jean-Denis Malclès made metal arabesques around the lock escutcheons. One of Pascaud’s distinctive characteristics is the spiral scroll termination on the feet, sometimes decorated with a gilded bronze sabot. Around 1935, he made mirrored furniture and furnished one of the luxury suites on the ocean liner Normandie. After the war, he made very high-quality neoclassical furniture. He passed away in 1996.