Serge Roche was born in 1898. As the son of an art dealer, he knew from childhood artists such as Picasso and Renoir who frequented his father's shop. With his two baccalaureates in his pocket, Roche travelled around Europe and then, back in Paris, he organised his first exhibition in his flat, on the theme of the French setting. In 1934 he created his own "objects en glace"; the following year he exhibited antique mirrors and his modern "objets de glace" and glass. He also created decors with a baroque tendency in which he integrated his creations opposing stucco and mirror. The triumph was immediate in France and on the other side of the Atlantic. For more than thirty years, Roche created furniture, objects and decorations that were much appreciated by his clients, including Coco Chanel, Ali Khan, the Noailles, Arturo Lopez and Charles de Beistegui. He died in 1988.


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