Being well aware that art objects are only passing through his hands, Patrick Gutknecht feels that his role as a gallery owner is to unearth these fragments of our past, research their history, restore them if necessary, and finally, to find an enthusiast or collector who knows how to appreciate them so they live on and have not only a past, but also a future that lasts for generations to come. Whether signed or unsigned, all pieces shown by the gallery have touched and moved him, because when Patrick makes an acquisition he puts his whole heart into it. He wants to share his love for beauty and rare pieces with his clients and with customers wishing to buy furniture, an art object or a photography for their collection in his gallery, or to redecorate their home.


In Paris, Guy Gilles “Exposé Paupières Closes” Private view: Thursday October 4th, after 18 pm Showed until the 10 November Patrick Gutknecht’s gallery 78 rue de Turenne 75003 Paris T + 33 (0)1 43 70 56 18 (Read more)