tapis odegard


Every rug is 100% handmade in Nepal using carefully selected, carded, and spun wool from the Himalayas, and a knot density of nearly 15 knots per cm² gives them their unequaled character and feel. Odegard rugs stand out for their unique design, inspired by nature or traditional Tibetan motifs, and for the depth of color and variety of shades used.

Before starting her company in New York in 1987, Stephanie Odegard worked for the UN and the Nepalese government as a consultant for the nascent rug industry. She is a board member of “Goodweave”, a foundation that has the only recognized certification program guaranteeing that no child labor is used in making rugs. Its funds are used to further the education and welfare of children. All Odegard rugs bear the “Goodweave” label.

By combining traditional manufacturing techniques with contemporary esthetic values and stringent quality requirements, Odegard has allowed ancient forms of textile art and craftsmanship in developing countries to evolve into a commercially viable industry. It is important to Odegard to pass on its ethical values, and it has adopted an exclusive distribution strategy. Odegard rugs grace the floors of, among others, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and the homes of Julianne Moore in New York and Robert Redford in Aspen.

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