Duck Glove Holder

Cane with a polychrome ivory handle representing the head of a duck; a pushbutton causes the articulated beak to move.

Bamboo shaft. Brigg, London, 1891. Bibliography: C. Dike, Cane Curiosa, éd. de l’Amateur, Paris, 1982, p. 99, ill. 11/2; U. Klever, “Spazierstöcke. Zierde, Werkzeug und Symbol” [Canes. Ornament, Tool, and Symbol], Callweg Verlag, Munich, 1984, p. 155, ill. 203 (similar model); catalogue for La canne et ses mystères exhibit, Carouge Museum, Geneva, March 18-May 31, 1998, p. 118, cat. no. 236.

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