Serge Roche was born in 1898. The son of an art dealer, he was well acquainted with artists such as Picasso and Renoir from childhood, as they often came to his father’s shop. After graduating from high school with a double major, Roche traveled around Europe. He then returned to Paris, and organized his first exhibit, on the topic of the French frame, in his apartment. In 1934, he created his own “mirrored objects”, and the following year he showed antique mirrors along with his modern “mirrored objects” and glass items. He also created Baroque-leaning décors, into which he incorporated his pieces contrasting stucco and mirror. He found instant success in France and across the Atlantic. For over thirty years, he created furniture, objects, and décors that were received with wild enthusiasm by his clients, including Coco Chanel, Ali Khan, the Noailles, Arturo Lopez, and Charles de Beistegui. He passed away in 1988.


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