FARHI Jean-Claude

Jean-Claude Farhi was born in Paris in 1940. At the age of 17 he arrived in Nice, where he studied drawing at the fine arts school there. In 1959 he gave his first solo exhibit of his sculpture and met César and Arman. Success began to come in 1966, when his “Motorcolors” was noticed by art critic Pierre Restany. In 1968, he became César’s assistant. He often went to Rome, where the Polivar factory made his famous “columns” of colored polymethylmethacrylate (Plexiglas®). In 1972, he explored New York and renewed contact with Arman, who advised him to “see big”—advice he took to heart, because he began to make large pieces (columns, steles, and disks). In 1991 he turned to raw steel, using it to make large outdoor sculptures. He passed away in 2012.


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