The Dominique company, which made furniture in geometric shapes, was founded in 1922 by André Domin (1883-1962) and Marcel Genevrière (1885-1967). In 1926, it joined with Puiforcat, Templier, Legrain, and Chareau to create “the group of five” that showed their works together. It helped furnish the ocean liner Normandie and participated in the 1937 Exposition. The company was enjoying its greatest renown, receiving orders from Le Mobilier National, in particular for the Elysée Palace. André Domin resigned in 1953, but the company survived under the direction of his son Alain, who took over the business. The “reorganized” Dominique company helped fit out a luxury apartment on the liner France. In 1970, Alain Domin decided to close the company.


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