The Desny company makes furniture, lights, and silver and gold items. It was founded by Clément Nauny—its name is a contraction of dessin [design] and ”Nauny”—, who was born in Oran in 1900 and arrived in Paris in 1918. He started the company in 1927 and achieved immediate success with its lamps that provided indirect lighting and with modernistic, almost sculptural pieces. Most Desny lamps are made of nickel-plated metal and glass. Some, called “luminous knickknacks”, are intended solely to light up the dark corner of a room. Clément Nauny’s most famous clients were Pierre-David Weill, Georges-Henri Rivière, and the Maharajah of Indore. But the crash of 1929 and its effects caught up with Desny, which went bankrupt and closed in 1933.


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