Cédric Delsaux is born in 1974, he lives and works in Paris. First known as an advertising photographer, he’s now recognized for long-running series, who each time create a particular device. Instead of dealing in reassuring images and their illusory consolations, Cédric Delsaux prefers to reveal the poisonous beauty of darkness, hidden in our imagination as much as in our daily life. His series Dark Lens and Welcome to the Dark Corporation, photographic suites of urban “non-places” inhabited by the heroes of the Star Wars saga, have a worldwide success since 2004. Whether he speaks about industrial excesses, delusions of grandeur or uncertain dreams, he elaborates the catalogue raisonné of our rational madness using singular devices to combine false reality and true fiction. Inspired by cinema and literature, his work combines, in equal parts, the extraordinary and the banal, the fantastic and the down to earth to highlight the fictional power of images and the phantasmatic potential of reality.

Cédric Delsaux's interview - Star Wars Universe


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