FAUCON Bernard

Bernard Faucon was born in Provence in 1950. He studied philosophy and theology, then became one of the first artists to explore the world of staged photography. He began his work in 1976 and ended it voluntarily in 1995 because he was convinced that staging was photography’s swan song, the last step before the reign of the pure digital and promotional image. It was a time when there was still enough belief in photography’s power of truth to allow oneself the luxury of constructing “true fictions”. Then words, which had been there since the beginning, overtook images in his two collections of poetic texts, La peur du voyage [Fear of Traveling] and Eté 2550 [Summer 2550], to arrive at today’s work in progress, a mixture of texts and video.

Bernard Faucon by Jean-Claude Larrieu - 1985


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